Our Portfolio

AsiaTop Loyalty is a loyalty rewards program designed to increase brand exposure and encourage customer engagement. It provides apps and prepaid cards for merchants and customers, where purchases (both offline and online), points redemption, and more are integrated with POS terminals via Mastercard's payment gateway.

Adpost is an e-commerce site for posting advertisements for goods and services. With a global reach of 12 countries, it has over 3 million registered users and 2 billion page views to date. It empowers small businesses and individuals to transact commerce effectively using various tools.

About Us

Apventure is a software and platform provider for FinTech and Commerce.

We operate from three DCs (Data Centers) around the world, with 45 PoPs (Points of Presence). We deploy geographically dispersed and virtualized servers on the cloud, with automatic failover and redundancy. All servers are secured by physical firewalls as well as cloud-based WAF (Web Application Firewalls).

Our middleware runs on the above infrastructure, and is connected to back-end APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from various FIs (Financial Institutions) and gateways such as MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway Services). On the front-end, we have mobile apps as well as web-based portals serving millions of page views per month.

Technology is at the forefront of Apventure’s core business strategies in its efforts to provide digital solutions in FinTech and Commerce. Through advanced technologies and strategic collaborations with partners and clients, we are able to power our portfolio companies.

Apventure is committed to share our expertise, knowledge, and intelligent processes in order for businesses to thrive and stand out in today's competitive marketplace.

Press Release

Apventure Commissioned to Develop AsiaTop Loyalty Rewards Programme

16 JULY 2018

FinTech and digital solutions provider Apventure has been commissioned to build and develop both website and mobile application for AsiaTop Loyalty. In partnership... READ MORE

MatchMove and AsiaTop Loyalty launch prepaid card in Singapore

24 APRIL 2019

MatchMove, one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading fintech companies, today announced that it has partnered with AsiaTop Loyalty, a Singapore-based fintech... READ MORE